Wine & Cider Pairings

Falafel Lettuce Wraps w/ Gewurztraminer-Riesling

Healthy and simple, using ingredients from your pantry! Beautiful Cilantro & Cumin flavours will compliment our smooth, floral, semi sweet Gewurztraminer-Riesling. Sip while you cook, and sip more while you enjoy your creation!

2016 Gewurztraminer-Riesling

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1 Can Chickpeas (Rinsed & Drained)

1/4 Red Onion

Handful of fresh Parsley or 1-2 Tsp Dried

Handful Fresh Cilantro

2-3 Garlic Cloves

1/2 Tsp Salt

1/4 Tsp Cayenne

1/2 Tsp Cumin

1/2 Tsp Baking Powder

1/4 Cup Flour

This recipe works best when using a food processor, but before I had one I used a blender.. it's difficult but will suffice. To start, I add the onion, garlic, and fresh herbs to the food processer and process till it makes a paste type consistency. Then I add the chickpeas, spices, baking powder and process til the chickpeas are as broken down as possible. Scrape the sides of the bowl occasionally to make sure it's evenly mixed. Then I begin adding the flour a little at a time. You want enough flour that the mixture can stick together enough to form patties.

Next, simple form into balls then pat them down to form small patties, and fry in an oiled pan until brown and crispy on both sides.

To assemble, I take large pieces of iceberg lettuce, add sliced tomato, red onion (To get fancy quick pickled red onion adds even more flavour!), more cilantro, and added a quick yogurt sauce to top it off! (Greek Yogurt, Lemon Juice, Sriracha, Cilantro, and S&P if needed)

Naan Pizzas w/ Pinot Gris

If you're anything like us, make your own pizza night is a house staple! Here's some ideas for your next family hit!

Carmelized Pear & Onion Pizza:

Start by cutting your pear & onion in slices and adding to a heated pan with oil. Cook lower and slower for best carmelization! I like to add brown sugar half way through. Once they're cooked, I take my naan and lightly brush the bread with oil first. This time I added some slices of prosciutto underneath the carmlized stuff, but that's totally up to you! I like to top it with small crumbles of either Feta or Goat cheese. Pop it in the oven until it looks done to you (400° ~10-15 mins) once cooked I drizzle with balsamic reduction for the ultimate flavour experience! These flavours paired perfectly with our dry & crisp Pinot Gris, which gave us a cleansed palate between bites.

The Everything in the Fridge Pizza:

Yep- sometimes you just want it all and that works too! For this pizza we went a little more traditional. Naan with pizza sauce to start. Layered Ham, Salami, Red Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, Pickled Jalapenos, Black Olives, and 2 layers of shredded cheese of choice. Can't go wrong with that! Again the over load of delicious flavours here was nice to eat with our clean Pinot Gris which gave us those citrus notes to balance out the heavy pizza flavours.

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Our Gewurztraminer-Riesling blend boasts beautiful floral notes with balanced Riesling acidity to compliment in bursting lychee flavour. The sweet touch of this light white wine paired perfectly with the spices and fresh herbs we used to make & assemble these home made burgers!

This Lamb burger had us going back for seconds... and thirds! Nothing to brighten up this rainy quarantine season like fresh home made burgers! For assembly, we chose our favourite buns, started with a layer of that minty greek yogurt sace, some thinly sliced cucumbers, onions (red or yellow works!), sliced tomato, fresh off the grill burger, and topped with freshly chopped Cliantro! YUM!

2016 Gewurztraminer-Riesling


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Lamb Burgers

w/Mint Yogurt Sauce

Lamb Burger Ingredients:

1 package Ground Lamb

3 Tbsp grated fresh Ginger

2 Tbsp Lemon Juice

1 Tbsp Paprika

2 Tsp Cumin

1/2 Tsp Garam Masala

1/4 Tsp Cayenne

Sale & Pepper to taste

Mint Yogurt Sauce:

Plain Greek Yogurt (1 Cup)

1 Tbsp Fresh Mint (chopped)

2 Tsp Cumin

1-2 Tbsp Lemon Juice

Salt & Pepper to taste


Cucumber, Onion, Tomato, Fresh chopped Cilantro, Buns!

Cabernet-Merlot w/ French Onion Soup

What's better than warm soup on a crisp spring evening stuck inside? Pairing it with wine- of course! Our smooth medium bodied Cab-Merlot blend was the perfect sip between... well... sips of soup. Enjoy!

Uplifting Cabernet-Merlot $24.95

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3 Tbsp Butter

3 Large Onions (Yellow or White are best)

2-3 Sprigs Fresh Thyme (Or 1-2 Tsp Dried)

1 Bay Leaf

1/2 Cup Red Wine

2 Tbsp Flour

4 Cups Beef Broth

Salt & Pepper to taste

Bread of choice (We used slices of french bread, but you could even use croutons or whatever you have around!)

Cheese of choice (We used Mozzarella because it's what we had, but go for Swiss, Gruyere, Havarti, really whatever is in the fridge give it a try!)


We started by melting the butter in a large pot over low heat and adding the onion, thyme, and bay leaf as soon as it was melted. Let those cook low and slow for best carmelization. 15-20 minutes should be good. Next- our fav part-  turn up the heat to medium-low and add your red wine! Use any wine for this, cooking wine can be a bottle you opened a week ago, or a wine you just love! Stir the wine in de-glazing the bottom of the pot. Cook letting the wine reduce down to half and then add in the flour. Stir in the flour so it's completely combined and then we added the beef broth, reduced the heat to simmer and let all the flavours meld for 10 minutes.

To finish 'er off, we put the oven on broil, spooned the soup into an oven safe bowl, added the bread & cheese and broiled for a few minutes just until the cheese is bubbling! Next- we eat and drink!

Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine

& Ginger Molasses Cookies

Our 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine is smooth and delectable like strawberry-rhubarb pie filling in liquid form. With 9 years of age this ice wine has become delicate and velvety - you'll be begging for one more sip.

We paired this with our special Ginger Molasses cookies. The spice of ginger cuts into that candied strawberry sweetness leaving smooth berry flavours lingering on your palate. 

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine $̶5̶0̶ $25

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Ginger Molasses Cookies



1.5 Cups Butter softened to room temp

1 Cup white sugar

1 Cup brown sugar

1/2 Cup Molasses

2 Eggs

4.5 Cups Flour

4 Tsp Baking Soda

1 Tblsp Ground Ginger

2 Tsp Ground Cinnamon

1 Tsp Ground Cloves

1 Tsp Salt


We started these delightful bites by mixing together most of the dry ingredients first - Flour, Baking Soda, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves & Salt.

Next cream together the room temperature butter & both sugars. Mmm...You want it light and fluffy and pale yellow (like the colour of a nice Riesling ;)

Mix in the eggs one at a time and then the molasses. Once nicely combined begin adding the dry mixture until fully combined.

At this point you're supposed to chill in the fridge for a couple hours but I never have the patience for that step. I want cookies & icewine asap!

Once your patience has run thin preheat oven to 350° & roll out small balls of dough onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes (usually until you see cracks in the cookies). Cool & enjoy! Or burn your tongue like I did (again-no patience)

Pinot Gris  & Charcuterie

Start your holiday party off with some light yet memorable bites.

Our crisp, dry, and zesty Pinot Gris sings with notes of Pear and Lime. It's high acidity will cleanse your palate between bites of these mild cheeses.


We used Gruyere & Brie for our pairing. On the side we used an aged Salami (spice won't compliment this dry white wine, so best to keep it simple and go with Gypsy or Hungarian). Finished with simple crackers and a dollop of grainy mustard and this will be a charcuterie pairing your guests will demolish within minutes.

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Riesling-Sauvignon Blanc

& Bruschetta Crostini

Our appetizer pairing has been a hit at our family gatherings for years now. Simple yet delicious. The acidity lended from the Sauvignon Blanc will make the acidic tomato flavours pop and refresh your senses from the garlicky goodness as the sweetness from our Riesling compliments the salty feta. Ok, I'm ready for another plate of these!

Riesling-Sauvignon Blanc $14.95

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Bruschetta Crostini


1 Container Cherry or Grape Tomatoes, diced

Garlic minced (2 cloves, or more for us garlic lovers)

Red Onion (Usually end up using 1/2-3/4 of the onion)

Olive Oil (a splash or two - how's that for technical?)

Basil (Fresh or dehydrated - not dried)

Salt & Pepper to taste

French Bread


Balsamic Reduction


Best to prep ahead of time so the flavours blend in the fridge and lift each other up (Nothing like a supportive appetizer). Begin by adding the first 6 ingredients in a container. We tend to eyeball the portions, so if you like more or less of anything feel free to adjust accordingly. Use about 6-10 fresh leaves of Basil, or a table spoon of dehydrated.

When you're ready to assemble, cut the french bread into crostini's, lay out on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil.Bake at 375° until desired toasty-ness has been achieved.

To assemble, spoon the tomato mixture onto toasted crostinis, crumble feta over top & drizzle balsamic reduction over all. Enjoy!